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Flyboarding is Very Easy but it looks hard. Don’t get me wrong flyboarding is a water sport, much like water skiing, so it does take some physical ability but it has a very fast learning curve of usually 5-10 minutes. Some new pilots ‘get it’ in minutes, everyone flies because if you can “Stand Up Straight” you can Fly! Our instructor, Mike Roberts, will explain everything during your pre-flight orientation and then it is up to you to perform in the water. You will be strapped into the Flyboard which is connected to the water hose that is attached to the Seadoo Mike will be operating along with the passenger or 2nd Pilot riding on the back. Our flyboard Seadoo is a 3-seater so it very comfortable for the passenger pilot to learn from Mike’s instruction while watching the 1st Pilot make beginner mistakes so that when it comes time for the 2nd pilot to take their turn, they usually Take OFF!

As you master each step, Mike will provide real-time feedback and suggestions so you can maximize your flight time while achieving your flight goals. Some people just want to get up, others want to do tricks and some want to go high! All these maneuvers are possible on your first flight but it all depends on your abilities. The more control you have while flying will determine how high Mike allows. Typically, each new pilot will fly up to 10’+ in the air and we’ve had clients in the past reach 20′ on their first flight by demonstrating their control of the Flyboard and they listened well to their instructor!

Everyone Flies. It’s that Easy. How high depends on you. Grab a friend and give it a try. Make your next party a Flyboard Party. “Come Fly with Us”