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Our Rules

  1. Stay 200 feet away from shore at all times
  2. When leaving the Marina it is a NO WAKE ZONE until you leave the marina marked by the green buoy. if you speed the Harbour Authority is in the Cruise Port and they will be given a $500 fine and lose your damage deposit – no excuses.
  3. If you take a right to the West River make sure you turn around right before the bridge and if it is low tide to stay within 100 ft on either side of the red and green marker buoys.
  4. If you take a left to the Hillsborough Bridge stay in the center while going under the bridge to avoid the two old piers discussed.  
  5. You follow the red and green buoys when travelling in a channel while being aware of other boaters.
  6. Do not damage the Seadoo, environment, local wildlife, other clients, local boaters, swimmers or animals.

Seadoo Safety

  1. Seadoos have Fire Extinguisher & Safety Bucket containing whistle, flashlight, and buoyant line
  2. Reboarding step at rear in case someone falls off.
  3. Attach Safety Lanyard to lifejacket.
  4. Pull key incase of an emergency.   
  5. Put contents of pockets in dry box.


Operating the Boat

  1. Turn on Seadoo by holding the Red Start/Stop button in for 2 seconds until the Engine starts up.
  2. The seadoo will start in N for Neutral.Tap the right trigger to put the seadoo into F for Forward. Hold down right trigger to give throttle.You need throttle in order to steer. To return to neutral tap the left trigger. Used to talk to passenger and other drivers as well as take pictures.  
  3. We will push the Seadoo off and tell you when to start the engine.
  4. We will park the Seadoo, so be listening for directions to put the seadoo in N for Neutral and pull the key. Come in sideways or in straight and be listening also for when to pull the key