Flyboard Flight

            $300 1 Hour 2 Pilots

            $250 1 Hour 1 Pilot

Flyboarding in Charlottetown PEI


Once you learn the basics of FlyBoarding, then you can try HoverBoarding (Safety, Super Man, launching, steering, falling and signals)


FlyBoard PEI is located in downtown Charlottetown PEI

Come Fly with US

If you have ANY Board experience, I’d recommend you trying FLYING on a HOVERBOARD

PEI Seadoo Rentals

Seadoo Tours

Guided Seadoo Tours of Charlottetown and the surrounding waters

Seadoo Rental

Fly & Hover

Find out why FlyBoarding is becoming the most popular, new extreme sport enjoyed by water enthusiasts all over the world

2 n 1 Trailer

FlyBoard Maritimes partnered up with 2 n 1 trailers for our dual purpose seadoo trailer. Now, we can cruise to any location in the Maritimes with two skis, or separate the trailer and use one ski on PEI and take the other ski to Shediac for a private party.

Flyboard PEI
Flyboarding in Charlottetown PEI