Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts Founder, CEO, Instructor
Mike Roberts has a passion for the ocean and anything outdoors. During a trip to Cartagena Colombia in 2014 he finally had an opportunity to try flyboarding with Flyboard Columbia! After his 30 minute flight Mike was hooked on hydro flight. “Floating in the air at 15′ felt amazing and looking down at everyone on the beach was so cool”. He immediately left the beach and met with the owner of Flyboard Columbia. Within a few days Mike was speaking with Flyboard Canada in Vancouver, BC and making arrangements to take his instructors course, all while still in Columbia. Combining a passion for scuba diving and a love of flying flyboarding was great combination so Mike dove into becoming Atlantic Canada’s only Flyboarding Flight Center.

“Everyone flies, how high you go will depend on your skills”.

A flyboard is made up of two main parts:
1) Board (boots)
2) Hose

Our equipment is manufactured in France by Zapata Racing. The 4″ hose has an 180-degree aluminum adaptor that attaches to the rear of the personal watercraft (PWC) which redirects all the PWC’s water jet exhaust through the hose and into the board. Through the PWC throttle control, the driver provides the amount of power and therefore, the amount of water flow to the board which gives the rider their height.

In 2014, the HoverBoarding was born after many years of Zapata Racing trying to perfect the flying device. Their goal was to reach 25 MPH but it was a lot harder and costly then Frank Zapata had planned but it was his dream. During their developing and testing for the hoverboard, Zapata actually invented the flyboard by mistake which has exploded all over the world. After forgetting about the HoverBoard for a few years because of the grow of flyboarding, Frank wanted to try again to perfect his hovering dream. After a lot of trials, errors, falls, and fails Frank had an actual dream. In this dream, he pictured a change in the shape of the board’s jet outlet from circle to oval and that was it. HoverBoarding was born!
FLYBOARD INSTRUCTOR TRAINING 2015Flyboard Canada - Vancouver, BC

I have always wanted to try this. Mike, the owner, answered all my questions and was very professional. I chose to do the 30-minute session which gave me time to get used to the boots/ board and cruise around in the water like superman for a few minutes before making my attempt to become airborne. Mike guided me the entire time… giving me full instructions and pointers from the seadoo… After about 10 minutes i was airborne! What a ride…fun trying again and again! Highly recommend it!

Michelle Gallant

“My friends and I were visiting Prince Edward Island for the first time coming from Toronto on a road trip. We ran into Flyboard Maritimes in downtown Charlottetown by the marina they offered us an amazing deal for 3. Great friendly service amazing people, can’t wait till next summer. Definitely coming back”.

Shaan Tareen