Choose Your Seadoo Adventure?

1 or 2 riders per Seadoo rental or tour

1 hour Seadoo Rental for 1 or 2 riders = $150.00

2 hour Seadoo Tour for 1 or 2 riders = $250.00

All riders must sign our Liability Waiver & Safe Boaters Checklist

All Drivers must have a valid vehicle Drivers License

“We must see it and take a photo for our insurance”

All Damages and Injuries are Your Responsibility. “We will look after all the mechanical stuff”.

$500 Damage Deposit per Seadoo rental, tour, group or family

Damage Deposits are returned at the end of each business. This can take 2-5 business days

2-hour guided tours are 50+ KM’s or 30+ Miles

Experience a Seadoo Tour or 50+ kms of local beauty

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Flyboard Maritimes Seadoo Shop
Flyboard Maritimes Seadoo ShopFlyboard Maritimes Seadoo Shop