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  • 2 Hour Guided Tour = $250 per Seadoo
  • Governors Island Tour @ Low Tide
  • Bonshaw Park Tour @ High Tide
  • 4 Seadoos available for 4-8 Riders per guided tour
  • All Drivers must have a valid car Driver’s License
  • All damages and injuries are your responsibility
  • All Riders must sign our Liability Waiver
  • 2 riders per Seadoo (we have 3-seaters for your comfort)
  • $500 Damage Deposit per Seadoo or group/family
  • Damage deposits are returned at the end of each business day
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Upon check-in at our Charlottetown Marina Shop, you’ll confirm your purchase for a Seadoo Tour, all drivers must present a valid car drivers license (if you can rent a car, then you can rent with us), all riders must sign our liability waiver and safe boaters guide. Next, you’ll step inside our Seadoo Shop to get fitting for you PFD (life jacket) where you can leave your valuables, clothing, towels etc… safety in our office. While inside you’ll receive our map orientation of Charlottetown’s waters, safe and dangerous area to avoid and places to go see/play during your two hours in Charlottetown’s waters.

Next, you and your friends will choose your Seadoo(s) from 1 of 5 our modern boats that are sure to impress you with their size, style, speed, handling and comfort. Load your dry belongings into the Seadoo’s on board compartment under the steering wheel – good for phones, water, snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen etc… While sitting on your boat, our staff will begin your boat orientation, review the marina’s rules, general safe boating practices, emergency operations, review local hazards and a visual review of the surrounding area.

When it’s time to push off, your guide will lead the way out of the marina, taking a left past the cruise ship terminal and under The Hillsborough Bridge to take some laps on our jet ski course. Here you will follow your guide, in single file, throughout the course until the group is comfortable handling their boats in a safe but aggressive manner. Next, explore Charlottetown, The Hillsborough River and The Northumberland Strait.

Depending on the tide schedule we have two different tours available. Each share amazing local beauty, wildlife, Charlottetown, slalom course and a unique boating experience. At low tide we take groups out to see Governors Island, float with the local seal herd of 200, while viewing bald eagles, hawks, ducks and other birds. At high tide we take groups west down The Hillsborough River to Bonshaw National Park on a stunningly beautiful trip that seems like a painting. View birds of prey, Island beauty, smell our Island, color fields, PEI jungle, duck under 5 bridges, go for a swim and much more!

Have some fun this summer, get in the Water!

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