1 Hour Seadoo Rental for 1 or 2 Riders = $135 + Tax

2 Hour Seadoo Tour for 1 or 2 Riders = $250 + Tax

All Drivers need a Valid Vehicle Drivers License

$500 Damage Deposit per Seadoo Rental or Group Booking


Once you learn the basics of Flyboarding

experienced Pilots you can try our HoverBoard!

  • FlyBoarding is much easier than it LOOKS

  • FlyBoarders DON’T bend their kness

  • Flyboarders STAND like a soldier at attention!

  • FlyBoarders can reach 45 ‘ heights

  • Flyboarders graduate into HoverBoarders

  • Hoverboarders Fly 20′ High @20MPH

FlyBoard PEI’s flight instructor Mike Roberts will provide you with all your safety equipment such as a wetsuit, life jacket, helmet and provide your safety and flight instruction before and during your flight. Mike will ride the jet ski while feathering the jet ski throttle to provide your elevation up and down. Your ability to control the water jets will depend on how high Mike allows you to fly. Most of our new pilots reach 5′-10′ high on their first flight and everyone flies.

Hydro Flying is Easy!


Have you ever dreamed of what  it would be like to fly like Iron Man? Picture yourself soaring over a bright blue ocean, wind whipping through your hair and the sea spraying on your face. You guessed it, Charlottetown PEI is the pace to try it!

A personal watercraft (PWC) provides the power through its water jet that is funneled into a sixty foot long fire hose is attached to your feet and the board.

Flyboarding is a vertical sport with the ability to do acrobatics over the water while flying in all directions!

Can you picture yourself, 10, 20, 30 or 40 feet high about the water, while attached to our seadoo below. How about dolphin dive into the water with a huge splash as you hold your breath and cut through the water with our jet boots pushing you!

Welcome, Franky Zapata on the hoverboard. Franky is a pro-PWC racer, manufacturer and the inventor of the flyboard and hoverboard.

It’s a lot of fun to share in a group atmosphere where everyone completes 2-4 fifteen minute flights. This way everyone, will “get the hang” of flyboarding very quickly and your group will become expert pilots in no time! Excellent party event i.e. bachelor, weddings, family reunions, graduation, birthdays, corporate events, staff parties and more!