About Us

Flyboard Flight and Seadoo Adventures

We are floating on the docks at The Charlottetown Marina.

Look for the small grey building next to the Seadoos

Look for the Cruise Ship Terminal and The Cork & Cast Restaurant

3 marinas: Charlottetown Marina, Peakes Quay, Yacht Club

see you on the water!

Fly Dive

We Are

To provide our customers with both exhilarating and safe water adventures around Charlottetown P.E.I.

If you are on the water you should be Smiling 🙂

If you come prepared, listen to our instruction and follow our rules then we will get along great!

Our owner, Mike Roberts, is a jack of all trades so to speak with experience in a wide range of fields. If your on the water and something goes wrong then he is the first mate you’d want to have on board. Mike grew up in Charlottetown and on PEI’s north shore, where he starting snorkeling and scuba diving which eventually led him into commercial diving during his university years. He has a passion for adventures on or above the water and a deep respect for safety in the workplace, at home and on our roads because Mike is a certified National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO). Therefore, Flyboard PEI & Seadoo Tours have developed very strict rules and guidelines for our Seadoo and Flyboarding operations that are followed by all management, staff, and clients. If your on the water with us, your in good hands.